How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

John McAdams : Nothing sinister about this, Harrimans and Bush were victims of war circumstances..... :
(Rebuttal : The included article, dated July 31, 1941, indicates the Harriman partners had ample time to disassociate themselves from UBC.)

Bowen or Osborne, "just one of those things?"

[PDF]CE 2195 - History Matters
2195. Investigation disclosed LEE HARVEY OSWALD made a trip on Fleche. Roja Bus leaving Nuevo ... described JOHN HOWARD BOWEN as an acquaintance but said he had no wey of communicating ...... 449-36-9745 in the name JOHN

Dr. Burkley and the U.S. Navy did not Appreciate JFK's Appointment of Dr. Janet Travell
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Ten Curious Facts about Navy Medicine’s Presidential History
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8. First Military Nurses in the White House Although Navy nurses had accompanied presidents on their travels as far back as 1918, trained nurses were not an official part of the WHMU until 1950, albeit civilians. The first military nurses to serve in the WHMU were Navy nurses in the Kennedy Administration. Navy nurses Lt. Cmdr. Elizabeth Chapowicki, and Lt. Diane Lowther were among the first to hold this distinction.

Newspaper Clippings

Dan Tyler Moore III likes wheeling and wheeler-dealing: My ...
The Plain Dealer
Mar 20, 2011 - CLEVELAND, Ohio — Dan Tyler Moore III likes to keep his blue blood racing. ... A. Barney Crile Jr. of the Clinic lived next door with Jane Crile and later ... It was about dealing with neighborhood problems with mortar guns and ...

Klein's postal money order - claims raising suspicion it was faked
Oswald Did NOT Purchase a Rifle from Kleins
by John Armstrong - allegedly found at the US postal facility in Arlington, VA, and not at the US postal facility in Kansas City where all other unpaid money orders that Oswald purchased from the Dallas post office were stored? ..?

Klein's Postal Money Order - 1963 Banking System Innovation

Part II of the Klein's postal money order research series

Part I is Sorry Brian, Jean, and DVP, Banks Did Not Key-Punch 1963 P.O. Money Orders
From a confidential, 1963 report prepared for President Kennedy and obtained by the CIA .:

Sorry Brian, Jean, and DVP, Banks Did Not Key-Punch 1963 P.O. Money Orders

Updated November 19, 2015:
(Lance Payette brought this to my attention, today. "File Locator Numbers - See Explanation, below:)

Clark Clifford's links to 1964's Priscilla & Marina and 1968 "Clean for Gene" McCarthy campaign

Greg, I presented some original coincidences. Two separate sets intersecting where Rita Chapowicki Merthan, longtime William Harvey secretary, and her husband Larry meet Clark Clifford's partner Tom Finney and Finney's best bud, Tom McCoy, inside the Clean for Gene campaign.. Along the way it comes out that Clifford's uncle is Jerome Hastings and McCoy's wife is Priscilla Livingston Johnson who John Newman wrote about. Point is there is much we still do know or understand.

I am not qualified to fully embrace or critique Evica Drago. Is Drago fully qualified? What does he make of this set of details? How does he know that he knows enough? BTW James Phelan worked for Clifford's uncle McAdams at the Alton Telegraph for more than ten years.

Harry D. Holmes Genealogy

Holmes was the son of Hilio Davis Holmes and Margaret Edith Powers Holmes
Hilio Davis Holmes 1869 - 1960
Missouri death certificate


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