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Dan Tyler Moore III likes wheeling and wheeler-dealing: My ...
The Plain Dealer
Mar 20, 2011 - CLEVELAND, Ohio — Dan Tyler Moore III likes to keep his blue blood racing. ... A. Barney Crile Jr. of the Clinic lived next door with Jane Crile and later ... It was about dealing with neighborhood problems with mortar guns and ...
The President's private eye: the journey of Detective Tony ... - Page 184
Tony Ulasewicz, ‎Stuart A. McKeever - 1990 - ‎Snippet view
if my existence as Nixon's private eye wasn't going to receive any support from the White House if my identity was disclosed.
But as Caulfield explained, Chotiner had files on people which
I had to take a look at so I'd know the type of information the President was looking for when I got the call to go to work.
When I met with Chotiner, the first thing he did was to hand me a file he had been keeping on the Rand Development Corporation and its officers. He made it clear that he kept exhaustive records on everyone who played the political power game. He told me that if, instead of Nixon, I had gone to work for the Democrats, I'd probably be meeting with Larry O'Brien instead of him. "We'll get around to O'Brien," Chotiner said, "don't worry about that." Chotiner said that O'Brien, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 1968, still had some dues to pay from the 1960 election that Nixon had lost to Jack Kennedy......
at the same time McKee went to explore the site Jane and Barney Crile,
prominent Cleveland residents, were trying to raise a cannon they had
discovered the day before after being lead to the area by Bill Thompson,
whose resort they were staying at. Through the combined efforts of McKee,
the Criles, Hamlin, Slater and others more tusks were found, together with
a pipe, cannonballs, two large brass feeding bowls, spun brass plates, a
Cardinal Bellarmine wine jug, pewterware, a musket, and a bronze
breechblock for use on a swivel gun.

The Criles wrote a chapter in their 1954 book, "Treasure Diving Holidays"
on the discoveries at Delta Shoals, and created a color film shown publicly
in Cleveland, where the artifacts were displayed at the Cleveland Museum of
Natural History. The raised cannon has markings on it: the letter P;
below that, engraved in script, JN and the number 170 1/11 24. I have
written a British armanent expert who said he could not identify it by the
numbers alone, to please send a photo of the cannon. The cannon is in the
home of Dr. Crile's widow, Helga, who has not answered my request for a
picture. Nor have I yet contacted the Cleveland Museum to see if they have
the film or photographs/fliers on the exhibition. I have some newspaper
articles on the people involved from both south Florida and Cleveland, and
there is a photograph of the ivory and feeding bowls in Stan Windhorn and
Wright Langley, "Yesterday's Florida Keys" (1974). Until the cannon can be
identified by foundry and ship she can only be called, as she has since the
1950s, "The Ivory Wreck".....

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