Garrison & Clay Shaw; Did Joan Mellen Name an Actual CIA Agent?
December 10, 2016:
Harold Weisberg befriends Jesse Core. I find no mention of David Baldwin in the Weisberg archives.
Unredacted Episode 1: Transcript of Interview with Joan Mellen

Joan Mellen is the author of A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination, and the Case That Should Have Changed History. This interview was conducted on 22 Feb 2006.
Rex: Joan..... One, there's a story in the Grand Jury testimony told by three different parties involving Sheridan when he came out to do his NBC White Paper, having a meeting set up with an organized crime figure named Zachary Strate that was apparently set up by either Malcolm O'Hara, a judge who was a political enemy of Garrison's, and a lawyer named Edward Baldwin. I wonder if you might tell that story about what that meeting was all about?...


JOAN: - when Baldwin was present, he was a CIA asset, his brother worked for the International Trade Mart and Clay Shaw, David Baldwin, and these, these are CIA people.

The troll opined....:

Jim replied:

There is insufficient information regarding Jesse Core, Clay Shaw’s associate. to positively identify him as Baldwin’s friend, Jesse R. Core. But it seems quite probable that they are the same. Baldwin is from New Orleans and it would appear that his friend Core is also. In as much as he seems in all probability to be the husband of a Mrs. Jesse Cole nee Lucy Ruggles (Tom S.: actually Marilou), who as of 1956 was said to be married to a man in the State Department and to be somewhere overseas. and as of 1957 was said to reside in New Orleans, Louisiana…

….Garrison included in his six page complaint letter to the FCC chairman, published in
the June 18 Times-Picayune;
2of2 Garrison 06/67 letter to FCC comm. Rosel H. Hyde
(Top of right side column)
…It should be added that the last described endeavor has been accomplished not by members of the station (WDSU) itself, but by an attorney closely connected with the station who has previously been known to disperse funds in the New Orleans area in behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency….

In his letter to FCC comm. Rosel H. Hyde, Garrison was describing Stephen B. Lemann without naming him. Lemann was the
uncle of Nicholas B Lemann. Stephen's step-mother who was also Nicholas's step-grandmother was the mother of David Baldwin's wife.

The back story in its simplest form is that David Baldwin’s wife, Mildred Lyons emerges as the stepdaughter of Monte Lemann, the stepsister of Stephen B. Lemann and his brother Thomas, (who is the father of Nicholas B. Lemann), the sister-in-law of Edward M. Baldwin, and the daughter-in-law of Adele Ziegler Baldwin Raworth, who was the sister of Harold J. Ziegler, father-in-law of Jim Garrison. David Gilmore Baldwin, III and his brother, attorney Edward M. Baldwin, were first cousins of Jim Garrison’s wife, Leah Elizabeth Ziegler Garrison>

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